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Rick Albiero - CEO

Rick Albiero is the founder and CEO of the Telecommuting Advantage Group. The Telecommuting Advantage Group (TAG) is a world leader in creating successful telecommuting programs for large and small organizations.

Prior to founding TAG, Rick spent 13 years specializing in engineering, project management information technology and marketing within Hewlett-Packard. During his tenure at HP, Rick initiated a successful telecommuting program within one of HP's large business groups.

Early in the year of 2000, during the U.S.' economic peak, Rick began to research the high costs of peoples' daily commutes on their quality of life, their productivity at work and the negative effects on society and communities as a whole. During this time, Rick learned that the successful launch of HP's telecommuting program had been cancelled - not due to technological shortcomings, but due to breakdowns caused by unidentified and unaddressed individual attributes of the people telecommuting.

Rick identified the need for an integrated approach to telecommuting that addressed not only the technical challenges but also the culture of the organization implementing the telecommuting program as well as the personal attributes of the individuals and their managers. Following his passion around people's quality of life, Rick started the Telecommuting Advantage Group in the fall of 2000.

Rick's undergraduate degree is from the University of Wisconsin in Madison and he has earned his MBA from Santa Clara University in California.

Rick is an accomplished speaker and has addressed 100's of Fortune 500 executives at Allen Bradley roundtable sessions as well as technical and marketing experts in the fields of engineering, logistics and distribution at the Georgia Technology Institute.