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Robert Brown - Implementation Specialist

Robert has been implementing flexwork programs with TAG for six years in the Atlanta, Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. areas. Robert has worked as an organizational development consultant, strategic planner and facilitator for the past 14 years in the nonprofit, corporate, and government sectors. He is skilled at helping groups meet their potential and keeping their sense of humor. He believes that the process of improving an organization is really about acquiring a new way to learn.

Robert has conducted sessions for as many as 5000 people. He has designed management-training programs, formulated group decision-making strategies and designed train-the-trainer programs. Moreover, he has an accomplished background in Total Quality Management (TQM), facilitation, Situational Leadership, and methods of evaluation. He has worked with groups in the U.S. as well as in Switzerland and in Russia.

Robert has consulted with Safe Kids, National CASA, The American Bar Association, Hall County Fire Department, Ohio State University Medical Center, Boeing North America and the Caterpillar Company.

Robert Brown has a Masters in Adult Education from the Ohio State University. His thesis is an evaluation of a Federal training program.