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TAGs Promise: We ensure telework/flexwork initiatives are configured to support our clients business model.

Situation: DOJ was looking to build new skills and receive tools to facilitate a successful rollout of their telework program. While as a whole DOJ needed to comply with a Federal mandate to offer telework as an alternative work arrangement to 100% of eligible employees, each component within DOJ had its own requirements and unique needs. DOJ leadership needed a robust, yet flexible strategy to address both organization-wide and component-specific objectives.

Solution: TAG provided a combination of Telework Coordinator and Managerial Training Sessions to both DOJ-wide and component-specific representatives. These sessions enabled participants to identify how business trends compel their groups to be successful in remote work, create metrics to track productivity and other telework/flexwork program outcomes of interest, as well as achieve buy-in from key organizational stakeholders. In particular, TAG representatives worked hand-in-hand with DOJ telework coordinators to sketch a robust communications plan to guide and support program roll-out.

Benefits: DOJs line managers and telework coordinators strengthened their capabilities in integrating telework/flexwork into their business processes, using metrics to monitor and demonstrate program benefits, and leveraging alternative work arrangements to facilitate effective workgroup productivity.