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TAGs Promise:We ensure telework/flexwork initiatives are configured to support our clients business model.

Situation: DEA needed to comply with a Federal mandate to offer telework as an alternative work arrangement to 100% of eligible employees. DEA leadership needed to be convinced that this offering would have tangible, organization-wide benefits beyond compilance.

Solution: First, TAG led a collaborative stakeholder analysis that identified key leadership interests and cultural norms of importance. Then, TAG convened a Metrics Worksession with human resources and work-life staffmembers to build a metrics-based case for telework/flexwork that rested on the organizations ability to leverage telework as a central means to address vital Continuity of Operations (COOP) demands. TAG helped DEA staffmembers demonstrate how with the use of telework/flexwork, the organization could increase the proportion of jobs/roles performing under a COOP-related situation from 3% to 30%, thus significantly raising DEAs ability to sustain many organizational functions during a man-made or natural disaster. The presentation of this COOP approach to upper management resulted in a significant shift in mindset leaders embraced telework/flexwork as a means to fulfill both Federal requirements and COOP-related needs.

Benefits: DEA built internal capability to develop and use metrics related to telework/flexwork as part of supporting and expanding human resource initiatives. DEA also secured its capability to maintain effective operations in the event of a disaster, and its COOP plans now serve as a model for other Federal Agencies.