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TAGs Promise: We ensure telework/flexwork initiatives are configured to support our clients business model.

Situation: MITRE was looking to obtain a more sophisticated picture of their employees work experiences at various locations, and to understand how telework/flexwork can best be positioned to contribute to MITREs business model.

Solution: TAG developed and administered a customized online survey, collecting and analyzing data from more than 560 employees. TAG representatives convened two executive briefings to share survey results and increase executive and management buy-in for telework/flexwork as a viable workplace strategy. Data on work location patterns and preferences presented a snapshot of employees technological capabilities for effective telework, conveyed how working at home is already extensive and how employees already possess a strong foundation in terms of remote work skills. Additionally, data highlighted key pockets where employees experience barriers to effective remote work. Results also illustrated employees favorable attitudes towards telework, positive work outcomes enjoyed by teleworkers, and the advantages that facilitate MITREs business success. Based on our extensive experience assisting a wide range of organizations in the development and expansion of telework/flexwork initiatives, TAG representatives provided recommended action steps to permit MITRE to make the case for telework at MITRE and to leverage telework for continued organizational success.

Benefits: MITREs IT group made investments and modifications to ongoing connectivity initiatives based on survey findings. One of MITREs most significant business units used survey findings to inform changes to business processes and employee support mechanisms, further leveraging remote work benefits and strengthening MITREs client service focus and competitive advantage.